American Chess Magazine - Nr. 3

American Chess Magazine - Nr. 3

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A nova edição da revista traz muitas novidades: historia sobre os novos campeões americanos (Wesley So e Sabina Foisor) e suas analises.
Os artigos de Nakamura, Ivanchuk,... e muito mais.
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    American Chess Magazine #3:
    Just imagine that the two newly crowned US champions are by your side, explaining their most crucial games, move by move... Well, this is precisely what the third number of the American Chess Magazine brings you, exclusively, thanks to the contributions of Wesley So and Sabina Foisor.
    And there is much more. From the men’s championship, third-place Varuzhan Akobian explains how he and Alexander Onischuk managed to upstage the big guys, Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura! Then Ivan Sokolov highlights three of the most interesting and significant games played in St.Louis, while Jaan Ehlvest reveals current trends in opening theory by identifying theoretical novelties unloaded by the American players.

    For the women’s championship, Alisa Melekhina presents an interview with Sabina Foisor and then dissects moments from key games in the title race – including a spectacular forced checkmate in nine, which represented a grand finale for the eventual winner.
    The excitement in St.Louis has also inspired other authors, such as Joel Benjamin and Michael Rohde, to include further championship games in their columns. Additionally the ACM team has been joined by two more American coaching legends.

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