American Chess Magazine - Nr.5

American Chess Magazine - Nr.5

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Lançamento - Janeiro 2018!


ACM # 5 inclui tudo sobre a vitoria do Carlsen no torneio Tata Steel, entrevista exclusiva com Lev Alburt, artigo de treinamento do Jacob Aagaard, etc.



  •            The King Among Mere Mortals - Carlsen’s triumph at the IOM Masters
  •            Mackenzie Molner’s highlights of Showdown in St. Louis
  •            Ivan Sokolov: Do Chess Columnists Play Chess?
  •            Aagard’s All-Round Training
  •            ‘How Levon Aronian Was First Across The Line’ and other World Cup stories by David Smerdon, Samuel             Sevian, Vassily Ivanchuk and Alex Ipatov
  •            Exclusive Interview With Lev Alburt, US Chess Legend
  •            Michael Adams and Baskaran Adhiban on the notorius ‘Grandmaster Draw’
  •            Chess Parent’s Survival Guide
  •            State & Local Chess: Minnesota – The Rising North Star in Chess
  •            Carlsen’s long-time coach and second Peter Heine-Nielsen offers his advice to young players

Also presenting regular columns, tournament reviews from US and abroad, and plenty more instructive and educational materials.


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Ano de publicação: Janeiro 2018