Chess Informant 119 - Sahovski Informador 119

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Informador 119 é dedicado ao atual campeão mundial Magnus Carlsen, por isso a capa tem cores da bandeira da Noruega e livro traz bastante material sobre o Carlsen, partidas, fotos, etc.
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Ano de publicação: 2014
Editora: Sahovski Informador / Chess Informant
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    Informador 119 - edição Viking apresenta:


    “Magnus displays will-power, calculated risk and strong nerves to win the Zurich Chess Challenge 2014.” - GM Sarunas Sulskis concluded in his "Interception" column. Sulskis closely follows the new world champion throughout his first tournament as the official king of chess. Our Zurich "insider", WGM Anna Burtasova, colors heavily annotated games by Sulskis, including the Russian roulette between Carlsen and Nakamura, with interesting sideline notes about the event.

    GM Suat Atalik, who sees the Norwegian as a new Fischer, annotates all ten games from the World Championship match Anand - Carlsen in Chennai. After each game FIDE press officerWGM Anastasya Karlovich was the first person who approached the players; just like in Zurich, once again we rely on female sensibility in discovering the spotlights and the photos behind the scene.

    If there is a secret in Magnus’s success over Anand, GM Mihail Marin sees it in the new champion’s deep understanding of endings. The "Old Wine in New Bottles" column questions the known aphorism “all rook endgames are drawn”; Mihail analyzes two of Carlsen’s endings from Chennai and makes a parallel with some of the classic examples by Capablanca, Tarrasch and Korchnoi.

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