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Se você usa algum dos programas CHessbase (qualquer dos programas da familia Chessbase), ja sabe sobre o livro no formato CBH. Esta versão contem arquivos no formato PGN que tambem podem ser usados no leitores de PGN para Android e iPads.

Sistema operacional Windows e qualquer programa da familia Chessbase (gratis ou comercial) ou qualquer leitor de arquivos PGN para Andorid ou iOS.
Popular programa para baixar é Chessbase 2009 Light (gratis), pode encontrar-se facilmente na internet.

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    "At the FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Tashkent 2014, in his game against Sergey Karjakin, Anish Giri replied with the unexpected 7...Ne5 8.Qg3 h5 (?!?), while provocatively claiming that he had chosen “the worst possible line”. White won this encounter, in which Black faced difficulties right from the very opening and it was logical to assume that we had witnessed one-day preparation or simply a not very successful opening experiment.

    However, three more games that Anish played during 2015 with his dare-devil variation, turned things around. Scoring 2 out of 3 vs Teimour Radjabov, Ivan Saric and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, he proved that the concept was not just a one-off joke of a genius, but a system that White will have to consider seriously. I dare to name the 8...h5 line the "Giri Variation" and as far as possible will try to deal with the "worst" of the best options for Black."

    Morozevich in Chess Informant 124


    Without any ado, grandmaster Alexander Morozevich reacts vigorously to the sudden and dramatic appearance of the newly-invented “Giri variation”, with its highly provocative early pawn thrust …h7-h5. Supported by hard analysis, Moro offers a wealth of original ideas to help you get to grips with this “worst possible line in the Taimanov Sicilian”. Furthermore he drops a strong hint that Anish Giri too has every reason to take note of his findings!

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