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Lançamento da editora Chess Informant da Sérvia - novo Informador 126.
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    In his own unique style, GM Alexander Morozevich draws readers’ attention to the necessity for a modern approach to the study of openings, harnessing the power of human judgment and intuition to the cold calculation of the computer engine. This time he deals with a position that can arise either from the Benoni or the Saemisch Variation of the King’s Indian Defence – and endeavours to provide an answer to a little explored question: “In whose favour are the pawn moves a2-a4 and ...a7-a6 ?”. Moreover, just like his article in Chess Informant 124, a move of the other rook’s pawn, …h7-h5, also comes under the spotlight! Only this time, Moro chooses to side with Black, offering a whole new range of ideas which exclude(!) the moves a2-a4 and ...a7-a6, whilst explaining the subtle differences between the old and the new approach to this kind of opening position.
    After reading Moro’s article readers will also surely appreciate:
    1. The depth and breadth of top class grandmaster preparation, regardless of whether the fruits of home analysis can be put into practice over the board in the very first next game, or after couple of months, or even years…
    2. Interesting ideas that have only made an appearance in rapid chess can also be very worthy of study!

    CI 126 focuses to a large extent on the FIDE World Cup 2015. Bearing in mind the high stakes of this tournament – after all, it is a stage in the FIDE World Championship cycle – as well as the calibre of the 128 participants (35 players rated above 2700, 105 players rated above 2600), we simply could not miss the opportunity to present a large selection of its high-quality games, annotated by the contestants themselves.

    Isso e muito mais...

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    Ano de publicação: Dezembro 2015

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