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    Now imagine that the play of world title challenger is presented by none other than the newly crowned European champion. That is exactly what we have to offer. In fact, GM Ernesto Inarkiev wrote the final pages of this article even while he was playing in the European Championship!

    Inarkiev not only answers the question "What has been demonstrated by Karjakin that could not have been done by others?" but also reveals Sergey's secret weapons at the Moscow Candidates’ tournament. Nowhere else will you find more than 30 pages of superb annotations and analysis by the reigning European champion ofon key games from the strongest tournament of the year!

    In addition, GM Aleksandar Colovic has prepared an extensive opening report from the Candidates' Tournament.

    While Inarkiev was busy with writing about Karjakin, someone had to present his own fantastic success at the European Championship! Our regular contributor GM Sarunas Sulskis dissects two key games that cleared the path to victory for Ernesto Inarkiev and lays bare the tension, strategy, pre-game preparations (both chess and psychological), stamina, determination and all the other elements essential for modern combative chess where the stakes are high. In addition, Sulskis annotates a fascinating game by the title defender, Evgeny Najer, which once again demonstrates that "defending the title" is a huge challenge and not just an old cliche, especially in such a strong field as the European Championship.
    Incidentally, let us not forget to say that we are delighted that Najer (see below) is also one of our writers for Chess Informant 128.

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