Chess Informant 140

Chess Informant 140

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Presents 336 pages of the very best in chess:


Navara – The Czech Championship

Artemiev – Champion’s Report from Skopje

Berkes – European Chess Championship

Guijarro – El Nino’s Chess Spring

Ivanisevic – Moscow Grand Prix

Milanovic – Carlsen’s Domination in Shamkir

Delchev – Caro Kann Explorations

Firat – The Zaitsev Ruy Lopez

Leitao – The Power of Imagination

Prusikin – Not All Draws Are Made Equal

Marin – A Rare but Thrilling Endgame

Perunovic – The Scheveningen Variation – The Heart of the Sicilian

Chess Studies Section – The Famous Chess Study and its lesser-known Twins

Traditional sections: games, combinations, endings, correspondence chess, endgame blunders, tournament reviews, the best game from the preceding volume and the most important theoretical novelty from the preceding volume.

The periodical that pros use with pleasure is at the same time a must have publication for all serious chess students!

We bring the very best in chess to you for more than 50 years!



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Paginas: 336

Ano de publicação: Junho 2019