Chess Informant 147 - Awakening

Chess Informant 147 - Awakening

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Presents 344 pages of the very best in chess:


Speelman – Wijk aan Zee (Tournament Review)

Jones –4NCL (Review)

Marin – Old Wine in New Bottles

Szabo – King’s Indian Fianchetto Variation

Gormally – Danny’s Chess Diary (Money Tour Winners)

Firat – The Magnus’ Sicilian

Ivanisevic – Ivan’s Short Cuts (Theoretical Overview)

Perunovic – 6.Qd3 Najdorf (Theoretical Survey)

Kannapann – Knight in the Corner is a Strong Piece

Prusikin – Knight on the Rim

Rogers – Sydney 2000 (FIDE’s Invisible Olympic Chess Exhibition)

Griffin – A Tribute to Kavalek


Traditional sections: games, combinations, endings, correspondence chess, endgame blunders, Tournament reviews, the best game from the preceding volume and the most important theoretical novelty from the preceding volume.


The periodical that pros use with pleasure is at the same time a must have publication for all serious chess students!


We bring the very best in chess to you for more than 50 years!


Idioma: inglês e simbolos da Informador

Paginas: 344

Ano de publicação: Março 2021