The Ultimate Guide to Antichess

The Ultimate Guide to Antichess

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The Ultimate Guide to Antichess - Vladica Andrejic


Este é o primeiro livro dedicado a variante de xadrez conhecida como Antichess, Giveaway chess (ou Come-come em português). Autor do livro é o atual campeão mundial dessa modalidade.



Idioma: inglês

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Ano de publicação: 2018

  • Descrição (em inglês)

    Antichess (Losing Chess, Giveaway Chess), in which capturing is compulsory and you try to give away all your men, has been a favourite chess relaxation ever since its first recorded appearance in 1876. Most of us play it solely for fun, a purpose to which it is admirably suited, but it has also inspired theoretical research both by humans and by cimputers, and the endgame phase in particular yields positions of remarkable elegance and beauty.

    The aim of this book is to give Antichess players a high-quality opening analysis. It is desiged as an opening encyclopedia, or at least as my playing repertoire. I try to offer a repertoire that is understandable to humans with a clear human plan if possible, and therefore my recommended repertoire is often different from the incomprehensible solutions that cimputers have generated. As a good understanding of the opening requires basic knowledge of tactics and endgames, they are treated in detail in the initial chapters.